to that skinny sheep

Can I just close my eyes and fall asleep?
Can you just come to me, and together, we’ll leap?
And we’ll run away from here
Far, far, away
But there’s this maze that’s waiting
And it ain’t so easy to trek

It’s filled with scattered papers with legal shenanigans that make no sense,
Regal voices that sounded so puny when you hear them again,
Lovely faces that tame you, only to break your heart some time later
There are people you can’t drop off your head
Fantasies and dense delusions that won’t happen
And would probably just sleep eternally in your head

How many self-inflicted wounds and reprimands will I continue to take?
I’ve always wanted to make you go away
So many futile attempts that just wouldn’t work
What have you done, to my calm little self?

I want to close my eyes, and fall asleep
So I can visit you again, you skinny sheep
But even in my sleep, you break me
Why can’t you just leave my head and free me?

Together, together
Impossible, now.

I wished I had your baby.
Such fool of me to wait.
Much fooler of me to continue waiting.

I can’t just seem to find my place here.