Stranger Things Challenge

1. Your opinions on watching Stranger Things
Cool. I was hooked right after the Pilot episode. I love the 80s feel that it exudes, especially the soundtrack! Almost everything about a film is here: old-fashioned clothes, and stuff, vintage music, sci-fi, monsters, mystery, mysterious and interesting characters, convincing actors, and kids. I also love that the show don’t try so hard to hook the audience by inserting unnecessary violence, sex scenes and whatnots, that the other movies and TV shows nowadays are doing just to make their audience stay.


2. Describe each character in one word


El – Mysterious
Mike – Curious
Dustin – Good-natured
Lucas – Straightforward
Nancy – Hermione
Jonathan – Aloof
Hopper – Pragmatic
Joyce – Affectionate/Faithful
Will – Reserved
Steve – Confident
Martin – Manipulative

3. Favorite quote(s)
“Sometimes, your total obliviousness just blows my mind.”


I like this line from Dustin because I’m oblivious most of the time, and I’m already hating it, and every time that I notice myself zoning out, I can hear Dustin’s voice in my head, nagging me and saying this line. And also, I hear this in my head when someone is obviously not paying attention or preoccupied with something.

“Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?”


This is another one from Dustin. I’d like to use this one when I really want to know the important bits of a news or a gossip but the person is evidently holding something back.

4. Favorite scene(s)
When El attacked the bullies. ‘Nuff said.


5. Least favorite scene

I can’t think of anything in particular. Maybe just those filler, ‘meh’ scenes.

6. Most surprising moment

Seeing Will alive in the Upside Down at his little hiding place. I actually thought that he was dead because I thought it would impossible for him to survive down there for days without light, food, and water.

7. What were your reaction when Nancy ended up with Steve?

I’m OK with it, because it’s more realistic. Nancy is just beginning a relationship with Jonathan, and it would really put me off if Nancy ended up with Jonathan right away. I ship them more than NancyXSteve but I want them to build their relationship first for it to to be more convincing. Plus, Steve is quite OK at the end of the show.


8. Do you think Eleven is still alive? What do you think is happening to Will Byers?
a) Yes, she has to be. There’s going to be a Season 2, and it would be weird watching it without El.
b) I think he’s becoming some sort of a demi-monster. Or he might even be becoming THE monster.

9. What else do you think is lurking in the Upside Down?
More weird, but interesting monsters, or maybe even monsters with human-like consciousness.

10. What do you think will happen on season 2?
Will would become THE monster/demi-monster. El shall return. The experiment angle of Martin and his troop would become clearer. I don’t really want to think about it much. I want to be surprised.

Credits to the owner of the photos.