The 14th of February has already passed, but the breath of love is still wafting among the besotted and infatuated, the languishing, and yearning, the detached and unbothered. Want to lay stress on those feelings a bit more? Here are 10 OPM gems for you to listen in the remaining days of Cupid’s Month.

(If you want to listen to the songs while reading, here is the playlist.)

1. “BALEWALA” – BRISOM (2017)

This is the truest gem of them all. I was just randomly scrolling through YouTube when I stumbled upon this in the recommends after watching Peryodiko’s Tayo Lang Ang May Alam for the nth time. I never got tired of that song! And to end my fixation, I searched endlessly for many songs, until I found the music video for this one! I first noticed the flawless aesthetic of the music video, and when the first notes dropped, I knew that I was going to be in love. It has a distinctive 80s vibes (gated reverbs, synths, etc.) and I loved it so much, being an avid listener of 80s songs and music that exude this kind of vibe. Brian Brisom’s vocals yolked so much feeling to the song. It also helped that the music video has an interesting story line that also reminded me of the MV for Tayo Lang Ang May Alam. I highly recommend this one, as it will surely give listeners the verve and grit that they need. Why? Because this is a song for people who are afraid of breaking hearts (theirs or someone else’s) if they confess. Aren’t we all afraid?

2. “KATHANG ISIP” – BEN&BEN (2017)

When I first heard this song, I honestly thought that it was an Ebe Dancel track, because it sounded like one, and the vocalist reminded me of Ebe’s voice, so I went and checked it on YouTube, and although it wasn’t Ebe or Sugarfree, I found myself stucked and helpless. I watched the lyric video, and everything was beautiful. The painful lyrics, the heavenly vocals of Paolo and Miguel Cuico, the overall sadness of the music – – – everything. I scrolled through the comment section of the lyric video and found these comments:

“We’re so good at creating our own imaginary worlds – – – imagining things were like this and like that, and when we face reality, it’s clearly the exact opposite. It hurts, because it’s the truth.” –

“All we do is hurt each other, and call it love.”

3. “INDAK” – UP DHARMA DOWN (2012)

My favorite song. One of UDD’s classic. I’ve attached so much memories to this song, although those memories were no way related to the lyrics for the reason that I’m romantically naive and inexperienced. But, I sing/hum this song everywhere. In karaoke sessions, bathrooms, hangouts, etc. I sing it in whenever I got the chance. Maybe it’s because it just fits my voice quality nicely. Also, it has a unique beat, and instrumentals that’s why this is one of the songs that I just can’t stop listening to. The lyrics, and the way it was written is also quite uncommon, but I digged the uniqueness. I’m one of the lucky ones that had a chance to experience Indak live, and for free, in a silent movie film festival at Shangri-La. It was so nice seeing Armi Millare and the band up close, because I witnessed how agile their hands and fingers were in playing their instruments. And Armi’s voice is so lovely. I wished I could stay there and listen to Indak forever.


I immediately liked this one, because it’s Autotelic, and this band’s music never failed to make me happy (or break my heart) ever since I first heard Laro. I’m so lucky to hear them live, performing their new and popular songs along with thousands of fans at the 2018 UP Fair: Roots. Honestly, all of their songs are 100% recommends. Their songs have this nostalgic feel in them, but I can’t exactly pinpoint why. They remind many people of childhood and home.

This song is about loving someone too much, that you’re willing to swim across seas just to be with that person:

“Lamunin man ng alon handa ako

La-la-la-languyin, la-la-la-languyin

Tangayin man ng hangin

Maligaw handa akong

La-la-la-lakbayin, la-la-la-lakbayin”

If you want to check more of their songs (which will be one of the best decisions of your life), here’s their YouTube channel: Autotelic


The song title caught me first, but the music made me stay, being a sad alternative rock song-phile. The verses are also appealingly poetic. I have two interpretations about this song. It’s either about a) a concealed love of a person for someone, that’s just floating around in the air, like a paper plane or b) a forbidden love between two people. They are similar in a way that in these two cases, both are about someone waiting for a chance, to express their love, freely, just as how free a paper plane seems to be. However, free as it is, a paper plane is still fragile and vulnerable, like the love that they have. Aside from the verse I featured, I also like these, in particular:

Damdamin mo’y aahon sa tumigil na tadhana
Aabutin ng ‘yong palad ang hangarin
Makarating pa kaya sa kanyang piling?
Ika’y pumikit


6. “MUNDO” – IV OF SPADES (2018)

I keep reading and hearing about IV of Spades everywhere – – – in classrooms, twitter, IG stories, etc., and so when I stumbled upon Mundo, I removed all the distractions, and carefully listened to it, to see (or hear) what’s the hype all about. And I’m so thankful that I did that. Unique’s vocals, the bass, and the lead guitar is so gooooood. Their lead guitar is quite Hendrix-ish, and one of my favorite parts of the song is on 3:19 (this is where the guitar solo come in). Check out Ilaw sa Daan also, which is my personal favorite from them so far, because of the guitar riffs and how it reminds me so much of The 1975. Another song that you should really be listening to is Hey Barbara. The bass rocks hard in this one. Or, just simply check all their songs, because they have such a unique sound.

Here’s their YouTube channel: IV OF SPADES


A fun and sassy song! This song reminds me of sooooo many people, but aren’t we all feelingeros at some point? I love Isabelle’s vocals and her songs are so much fun. If you love this song, I also recommend:

1) 1 Week To Move On 2) Para Sa ‘Yo 3) Friendzone


This song reminds me so much of my crush since I was 16 years old, although the lyrics is in no way related to my relationship with him, because we never really dated, but… I still remember him so much now, and I guess I still like him a lot, and this song just reminds me how hopeless I still am with him, although I haven’t seen him for years. However, some of the lyrics of the song speak of how I feel about him, particularly this:

Ayoko na munang lapitan ka.

Ayoko na munang makausap ka.

I remember that I pretty much tried to avoid him whenever we meet back then, but I can’t because he’s been very friendly and he really tried to be close to me. I tried avoided him because I remember that what he made me feel back then was something new. And it was both sweet and uncomfortable.

I was a little suprised when I found out that this track is actually quite old – – – 13 years old, as of writing. It is an old gem, then. I’m pretty sure that you’ve already heard this song from here and there, but if you haven’t, listen to it. The bass riffs are so golden it reaches my heart every time. Please do listen to it now. Just a warning though: Be prepared to break your heart.


If there’s any song that I want to be playing in my wedding day, it would be this, or Noel Cabangon’s Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko. It reminds of how magical love is. Mr. Danao’s only has his acoustic guitar, vocals, and lyrics, but the song is so beautiful. Everything about this song is so pure, and sincere, and I love the simplicity of it. Listen to Dapithapon also. It is equally as beautiful.

Here’s his YouTube channel: johnoy danao


This song should be the poster song of the mad and in love. I have never been truly in love yet, but this song always never fail to make me feel like I am in love with someone. Sweet and innocent – – – truly the anthem of the Cupid’s month.

Check out this cover by Keiko Necesario and Luis Cortez. It’s equally as sweet.

There you have it! I have a lot of songs that I wanted to add, but these are at the top of my head. If you have any songs in mind that you strongly associate with February or love, in particular, comment it down below.

Recommends: If you like this songs, please check out the YouTube channel of Wish 107.5. Almost all artists listed here performed their songs in the Wish Bus. Check it out, and watch other artists perform as well.

I hope you liked this playlist. Thank you so much for reading! – Angel 🥀



Both a curse and a blessing, it is
To let the weight of everything fall down on my shoulders
To blame myself for every faults that are not even mine
To care, and notice too much
To give my love to people too deep

매일, it is a struggle to choose between seeing everything and be in pain
Or ignore most details, and go off in bliss
In this perpetual quest for happiness, is it wrong to choose to be oblivious?
Choose to not be hurt, and bitter, and be peaceful?

It is

지금, I’m learning that happiness gets far away from you by choosing not to notice
It may be often painful, but that’s just the way it is
It just gets closer and closer, when you decide that  you have to get in zone with the present moment.

오늘 너무 행복해.
매일 진짜 행복해.

I hope you are, too.