Too early to call this a heart break but I,
I’ve been dying to call this quits once again
out of fear that my heart will be in pain again,
this early.
This early.
Why do you have to show me this early?
That you’re tired of our long conversations,
that seemed so meager, now that this is ending.
Have you found someone new?
Someone better? Prettier?
Someone who’s so much like you?
Someone who’s in the same cards as you?
Forgive me for being too much into you,
so easily.
So easily that you must’ve seen right through it
and realized that all the attention is too much,
and suffocating.
All I’ve ever wanted these days was to be right for you, only you.
But, there’s so much pretty fishes in the pool so how can you choose only me?
Good bye, pretty baby
It so seems that
you don’t care about me,
as much as I do about you.
This one sure hurts as the others
But sure, I was happy, knowing you.
That’s why, I thank you, pretty baby.