To Teacher Adora Balza

One of the professors who has inspired me deeply in high school, and has been inspiring me up to this day because of her wise, compassionate and down-to-earth character, just passed away. It was very, very heartbreaking. Ever since I graduated from high school, I’ve always kept in my heart that I’ll run back to her. I’ve promised myself that after I finish college, I’ll search for her to thank her, tell her stories about how I grew throughout the years, and how she’s one of the people who I really look up, how her stories and teachings mean so much to me that many of those I carry and share up until now. I also wanted to show her how much I’ve changed through the years — how the shy, timid girl that she remembers in 2012 has now been really trying to get out of her shell by throwing herself in many experiences that she would never thought the 14-yr old me would do. I wanted to make her proud, that I’ve reach this far, and am continuing to go beyond horizons, with her many lessons on life and growth slung upon my shoulders. More than this, I wanted to just see her and check up on her, to know what she has been doing in the past 4 years. I was always so sure that the next time we would meet, she would shower me her tales and anecdotes from the past years. I was already looking forward to it. I thought, “One more year. One more year, and I’ll see my childhood heroes once again.” Just one more year, and I would see her kind and sweet wrinkled eyes once again. One more year, and her calming voice would place me back in the right position, once again, just in case I have gone astray or indecisive by the time that we see each other again. One more year, and I would hear more about her life and journey, once again, how that journey meant to her and how she have changed with those experiences. But heaven, it seems, really has its own ways.

Heaven, with all its beauty and grandeur, has claimed back one of its angels. Most of the places that she have touched, in a natural response, cried a river, for a very, very long time. As much as it hurts to know that she is really gone, I would still always keep it in me that we would still have the chance to share stories again some day. I knew that I would hear her voice again. I knew that I would still see her kind smile. I also knew that she would be with us always, her students, family, and colleagues. She would always be there to check if we’re making the right choices, if what we choose is good, and kind. She would want to make sure that we’re choosing love, above anything else.

Prof. Adora Balza, I’m very sure that heaven adores you as much as we do. You have been a great teacher for everyone of us, and for me, you’re one of the best. I promise that I will continue to make you proud. I would always think of you when I think that I’m going astray, because I knew that thinking of you would help me stand firm on my ground, and realize my true aims in life. Rest in peace, teacher. I believe that this letter will reach you. I hope that this explains how much you mean to me. Thank you. I love you.