Hug the Sadness Out of You: A Playlist

So, I lately, I’ve been very down, but to be exact, I’m just very, very sad. Brief, silent tears has been very frequent compared to the other months. I’d like to think that this sadness just happened out of nowhere and that there’s no reason, in particular, to be sad, but there is. There are.  There’s such a great fault in overthinking everything way too much. I’m pretty sure this sadness came out of this. You know, I don’t really want to include these thoughts here. I’d like to project myself as unfazed, unbothered, b*tch don’t care, but there’s no point in lying, right? I feel like I don’t know myself and what I want. This is the main root of what I’m feeling right now. Underneath this big thought are branches of subreasons, and subfeelings, that I don’t really want to elaborate right now because I’m not ready for the intensity, and also because those are just too shitty, so forgive me for including this emo intro before jumping into what you really came for. I just felt that I have to write this down here, and expose myself in this level, because a reader or two might feel the same way as I do now and find comfort in the thought that they are not alone.

Anyway, here are 5 songs that lift my spirit every time I feel like my self-esteem is on the edge of the cliff or whenever I am just plain sad. I hope that you’d find comfort in these songs, as much as I do, every time I listen to these.

  1. Dreamer – Axwell Λ Ingrosso


2. More Than You Know – Axwell Λ Ingrosso


3. There For You – Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan


4. When We Were Young – Lost Kings


5. Sun is Shining – Axwell Λ Ingrosso


À bientôt , Cancer Season: A Playlist

The season of the star sign responsible for all the unnecessary roller coaster of feels that you might have been feeling right now, Cancer, has ended, 2 days ago. Although the Cancer season has officially ended, I still want to make sure that I pay homage to one of my favorite seasons, as an emotional water sign, myself, by sharing ten songs that make me remember how to truly feel. I understand that some of you, readers , might not be able to comprehend most the lyrics provided, so I included a short description of what the songs are about. Although  most of the songs are not in a language that you speak or understand, I still hope that you would still take time to listen to these songs because, after all, music is universal. There are songs that would just inevitably make you feel, despite the language, genre, and whatnots. Without further ado, here is À bientôt , Cancer Season: A Playlist:

  • here’s a link of a YouTube playlist I made, if you want to listen while reading:
  1. Sana – I Belong to the Zoo

“Binibilang ang hakbang
Hanggang wala ka na
Nagbabakasaling lilingon ka pa
Hindi na ba mababalik
Ang mga sandali
Mga panahong may lalim
Pa ang ‘yong ngiti’

“Sana sinabi mo
Para ‘di na umasang may tayo pa sa huli
Sana sinabi mo
Hahayaan namang kitang umalis”

We all have that one special person in our lives who makes us so happy for a period, engaging in constant late night conversations and sweet interactions. They make you believe that both of you actually have a chance. But, it turns out that that person is not truly ready, still, with his/her heart still tied with a flame in the past. S/he is only there with you for reasons, and one of those significant reasons is that s/he needs to cope. S/he needs to feel less alone. S/he needs to forget. And somehow, you fill in that empty space in their hearts, but, that’s it. This song is an honest and painful confrontation of a person who’s been left behind by this person. To anyone who has experienced this, please know that you do not deserve to be loved with half of a heart of someone you are willing to give your all with.

2. Sa Hindi Pagalala – Munimuni

“Buburahin na sa isip
Ang hugis ng iyong mga mata sa ‘yong pagtawa
Kung pano ka ba manamit
Pati kung pano ka ba umidlip
Ito na”

“Kakalimutan na kita
Siguraduhin mong hindi talaga pwedeng tayo
Napagisipan mo na ba
Dahil kakalimutan na kita
Ito na”

Have you ever been in love with someone so much, that you don’t ever want to forget everything about this person — every breath, yawn, his/her tone of voice in different instances. his/her wrinkles when s/he smiles. Everything. But a turning point happens, and you suddenly want to forget everything that made you fall in love. Perhaps, you fell out of love, or perhaps the other person did. Or perhaps, someone, or both of you decided that a time for oneself is needed. Perhaps you are in pain, or you are in  place that you do not want the other person to see. Perhaps the love is all one-sided. The song pleads for an assurance from his/her significant other, if s/he is already certain that the both of them cannot be together (anymore).

Munimuni’s lyricism, to me, is true poetry. Fuse this with meticulous utilization of instruments (synthesizers, etc), and you get gems. Take a listen, as well, to Tahanan, Sa’yo, Marilag, and Bukang-Liwayway.

3. Waltz of Four Left Feet – Shirebound and Busking

“Sapat na sakin ang ganito
Ang pagmasdan ka sa malayo
Kapag kinausap
Walang masagot
Hininga’y lagot

Hindi ko naman yata ikamamatay
Kung hindi ko mahawakan ang iyong kamay”

Have you ever felt so infatuated and attracted to someone, that when opportunity comes to talk with them, no words seem to come out from your mouth? You realize that all you can do for now is look. This is what this song is about.

I was first introduced to Shirebound and Busking, through this song, and I’m glad that curiosity got a hold on me (I was piqued by the creative title and the band name). This band’s music is my ultimate jam. I love how minimalistic their sound is, and yet, somehow, despite of this, their music turns out very epic for me. Their music just proves that there is beauty in simplicity. Listening to Shirebound has the same effect to me as listening to Bon Iver. Check out Dalum at Hibas, Bulan, Sinag and A Million Little Things.

4. Midnight Sky – Unique Salonga

“Wishing that I’ll be
The man that you’ll touch and see
I’ll give my love that can’t explain
We will be running in the rain
And I will hold your hand
Hold my hand”

This song is all about promises — promises made when you’re happy and in love. It also tells of longing, to be with someone you are strongly attracted to, someone who makes your heart fill with joy just by seeing his/her lovely smile (your midnight sky).

Although I’m still sad about Unique parting ways with IV of Spades, I wouldn’t say that I’m sad about this recent release, because this song is very nice listen, as expected of someone from IV of Spades. Maybe it was not as epic as Mundo or Hey, Barbara!, but what makes this song so beautiful is it’s honesty and sweetness. This song will make you want to fall in love — a great listen during rainy nights.

5. Kahit Ayaw Mo Na – This Band

“Ang hirap ‘pag ‘di mo alam ang iyong pupuntahan
Kung ako ba ay pagbibigyan
O nalilito lang kung saan”

“Lapit nang lapit ako’y lalapit
Layo nang layo ba’t ka lumalayo?”

Do you know the feeling of suddenly just realizing that the person you are with, is already falling out of love? What would you do? Of course, you chase after them. You do everything just so that the other person would stay. The hardest thing about the chase is that constant unease you feel, and every time, you ask yourself, “Where did I go wrong?”, or “Does s/he still love me?”, or “If s/he already did fall out of love, can I take this love back? Is it still possible to get back together again?”

This Band, is a fairly new band, and it looks like they are very into their crafts, releasing singles after singles, every month. Finding about this band (no pun intended), is one of my favorite serendipities. I was shuffling through my playlist, when Spotify suddenly played this (You know how Spotify randomly introduces you to new music, right? You have a fixed set of songs, and suddenly there will be songs here and there that pops, and you don’t remember putting those song at all. Yes, it is unsolicited, but I love you, Spotify, for this feature). I immediately fell in love with the lead vocals. That, and I was introduced to this song at that time when I need hugot in my life, because I felt so low and broken. I can’t say that this song lifted my spirit, however it did help me to feel again, and that is always a good thing, as opposed to feeling nothing at all.

This Band and Moonstar88 are officially my favorite OPM headbang bands.

6. Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig – December Avenue

“Hanggang kailan pa ba magtitiis, nalunod na sa kaiisip
Huling kapiling ka’y sa aking panaginip
Ikaw mula noon, ikaw hanggang ngayon”

I’m sure you have experienced feeling that you cannot/ do not want to move on, perhaps from a past love (Scratch the “past”. It is still ongoing, right? Of course, and it’s because you’re still in love with this person), failed exams, a wrong move you/ someone did, a wrong word that you/someone said, and whatnots. This song is all about that, with a center on a past love, or perhaps, a love that never happened, something that is built inside your head. If you watch the music video for this song, you can have 2 or more interpretations for this song. Watch it for yourself, and see how you can interpret the video.

If you still haven’t noticed, I’m kind of into cheesy and lovelorn songs, and this song is one of those songs that satisfy my craving for the cheesy. December Avenue, in particular, gives out a lot of lovelorn songs, and I love them so much for it, because I find that I can connect so much in many levels. Eroplanong Papel was what introduced me to them, and ever since, I have been following their music. I feel like they are underrated sometimes. Great band!

Back to the song, since it’s all about resistance to moving on, I just want to add that I find it problematic that some people or articles suggest us, “Mag-move on ka na!” / “Move on, already!” when we have experienced something traumatic and just blatantly bad that we can’t blame no one on, but ourselves. When you are in a relationship, and it ends up badly, we hear people blaming their ex-partners, but more often than not, I hear more stories of those people blaming themselves, or people initially blaming their ex-partners, but yields to blaming themselves also afterwards. When you fail an exam, although there are so many external factors to think about, often, your first response is to blame yourself (e.g. for not managing your time well, not reviewing, not concentrating enough, etc.). My point here is that, when people take too much time, moving on, and letting go, of their shortcomings/ traumatic experiences/ ex-loves, etc., many people would plead them to move on, and let go, quick. I understand that this is what many people do to show that they care. Who wouldn’t want the person they care about to be OK, very soon? Of course they only want you to be happy. However, not all people can move on very quickly, because the rate at which people move on is relative to the gravity of their experience, their perception of the experience, and their emotional or mental strengths. There’s a lot more factors at play here, but I want people to realize that it’s not easy for many people to move on, quickly, and if you really care, you’ll understand that moving on takes time for many people, so please, be patient. We’re at different paces, so believe them when they say that they want to get better as soon as possible. Just wait.

7. ‘Di Na Muli – Itchyworms

“Ang oras kapag hinayaang lumipas
Madarama mo hanggang bukas
Di mababawi muli”

This is about a lost love, that may never, ever be resurrected. If you watch the original music video for the song, and read the real meaning behind the song, I suppose that you’ll break your heart, even more. I did. Here’s the link for the music video:

8. Silakbo – MilesExperience

“Nakatago tayo sa dilim
Nanatili tayong isang lihim
At sa pagtila ng ambon
Sabayan natin ang panahon”

When I first heard of this song, and analyzed the lyrics, I immediately thought of a forbidden love. Think of Secret Love Song by The Little Mix. Perhaps it is about a couple of the same sex who cannot be together because of the kind of society they’re in. Perhaps it is about a romantic love between two relatives. Perhaps the other person in the relationship is already legally binded by someone. Perhaps it is that of a rebellious puppy love. Perhaps it’s Romeo and Juliet. No matter what instance it is, the song wants to prove this: Love defies all odds.

9. Makalimutin – Kamara

“Naiisip mo bang iniisip kita ngayon?
Naiisip mo bang nakikinig ako sayo?
At alam ko ang iyong kailangan
Ano ang gamit ng pag-aalala

This song implies that it is written for an ex-love. The singer tells the ex-love to not forget about him/her and their past love. S/he does not exactly tells him/her that s/he wants them to get back together, but s/he nonetheless tell the ex-love that s/he’s still thinking . about him/her. Make your heart warm by listening to this song at midnight.

10. Buwan – juan karlos

“Sa ilalim ng puting ilaw
Sa dilaw na buwan
Pakinggan mo ang aking sigaw
Sa dilaw na buwan”

Such wow of a love song. If you would ask me one random song recommendation right now, I would give you this. I’m so happy that this song randomly played on Spotify. This song is all about finding someone so beautiful that you want to take him/her under the moon and stars, with you. Listen ‘till the end. If you have a Making Love Playlist, count this is in.

When  I found that juan karlos wrote it himself, I was so impressed. I love his sexy, dark, baritone voice very much. I knew him when he’s younger, and I can say that his voice matured to a lovely level. I want to promote his song, because I feel like he and this song is so underrated. Here’s the link to Buwan:


So, yesterday, December Avenue just released another heartbreaking single called, Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw, collaborating with Moira. And what do we expect when these two ally together in one song? Wreck hearts, of course.

Here’s the full lyrics of the new single:

“Kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang dahilan
Pipilitan ba ang puso kong hindi na masaktan?
Kung hindi ikaw ay hindi nalang
Pipilitin pang umasa para sa’ting dalawa

Giniginaw at hindi makagalaw,
Nahihirapan ang pusong pinipilit ay ikaw

Kung di rin tayo sa huli
Aawatin ang sarili na umibig pang muli
Kung di rin tayo sa huli
Aawatin ba ang puso kong ibigin ka?

Kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang dahilan
Pipiliin bang umiwas ng hindi na masaktan
Kung hindi ikaw ay sino pa ba
Ang luluha sa umaga para sa’ting dalawa

Bumibitaw dahil di makagalaw
Pinipigilan ba ang puso mong ibang sinisigaw?

Kung di rin tayo sa huli
Aawatin ang sarili na umibig pang muli
Kung di rin tayo sa huli
Aawatin ba ang puso kong ibigin ka?

Naliligaw at malayo ang tanaw
Pinipigilan na ang pusong pinipilit na ikaw

Kung di rin tayo sa huli
Aawatin ang sarili na makita kang muli
Kung di rin tayo sa huli
Aawatin ba ang puso kong ibigin ka
Kung di rin tayo sa huli
Aawatin ba ang puso kong ibigin ka
Kung di rin tayo sa huli
Aawatin ba ang puso kong ibigin ka”

S/he’s your the one that got away. You’re still in love, and so you do not ever want to let go. And what would you do? You reject all the potential lovers, because in your heart, nothing can ever beat this one person. If you feel this way, that’s okay. Embrace the pain. Embrace all the love that you’re feeling. Just make sure to not inflict too much pain in your heart by doing so. Take care of yourself.

This ends the playlist! Of course it’s okay to listen to these songs on different seasons/ occasions. There are particular songs for particular feelings, and I think it’s best to listen to this song when you are feeling this particular feeling. I can’t say that some of these songs would make you feel better (because these will wreck your heart even more, more likely). Some would certainly make you feel happy, alive, and in love, and that’s nice. It all depends on you, really. Even if you just feel listening, listen. I hope you’ll enjoy these songs as much as I do.

Just a disclaimer, also. I’m not someone who has a lot of experiences in romantic relationships, and  whatever I wrote mostly came from stories of people close to me. I also have a fair share of the things I wrote, coming from my own experiences, but we are everything we are exposed with, right? And so. I’m writing as myself and everything I am exposed with. We all have distinct experiences in life, and some of what I wrote may not apply to you, so please understand that these are coming from my perspective only. This applies to everything I write in this blog, really.

And one last note! I’m happy to tell you that this blog will officially rise from the ashes again, after being dead for quite a long time. I noticed that I’ve lost a lot of followers after I changed my url from I guess it’s a bug, but anyway. I’ll try not to gain followers, but actual readers.

I’m already thinking of a lot of projects for this blog, and one of them is A Playlist Series. I’m doing this as a big audiophile, and as a listener of so many artists of different genres. The other projects would focus on some of my other interests such as poetry, photography, and calligraphy. I would also be writing game, movie, anime, manga reviews here and there, if I have strong feelings about them.

This ends this blog post! ‘Til the next!


This Is Not a Drill: ‘Hixtape’  is Here, Hope World is Here

This Is Not a Drill: ‘Hixtape’  is Here, Hope World is Here


After years of teasing the ARMY, J-hope finally did it! J-hope finally released his mixtape  a.k.a “hixtape” as fondly nicknamed by ARMYs. The “hixtape” though, is officially called Hope World by Big Hit, and it contains 7 great tracks that are all 쩔어/ actual bops. And to also make us suffer more, it came along with a dreamlike, fun, and upbeat music video for a track in the mixtape called “Daydream,” which features our hope, our angel, our sunshine, 정 호석, being himself, being Hobi – – – confident, and carefree, consistently provoking his fans throughout the whole music video.

(Here are links for streaming and legal free download for Hope World:

Streaming –

SoundCloud: (link:

Spotify: (link:

Apple Music:


Google: (link:

MediaFire: (link:


Daydream MV is legendary, with J-Hope breaking his own group’s record for having 1M likes for a Korean music video in less than 2 hours, which was then occupied by BTS’s Mic Drop Remix with Steve Aoki which achieved the same number of likes in 4 hours. Even if you’re not a fan of BTS, or just K-Pop in general, this is still a highly recommended watch/listen because it’s just that good – – –  it has a veneer of positive and hopeful vibes above a slightly mature topic that has a very strong charm in it. If you haven’t watched it, here is it:

‘Hixtape’ Anticipation: Ready, But Not Ready


Although Big Hit already announced that they will be dropping the mixtape on March 2, I still felt like I wasn’t prepared when it dropped, and it seems that none of us ARMYs aren’t that prepared either. Hours before 12 AM KST (Big Hit usually drops albums, music videos, etc. at this time), I was frantically scrolling through my stan twitter account, constantly checking the Hobi stan group chat in my DMs, refreshing both the BTS and Big Hit official accounts, for updates from members or the company and just making sure that I’ll be one of the first ones to see the video and hear the mixtape, just in case Big Hit decide to drop it earlier. My whole stan Twitter timeline was crazy. Almost all ARMYs are already making memes, videos, fan arts about the mixtape. We are already planning Hashtag projects, and streaming projects in Spotify, iTunes, Shazam, etc. Almost everyone is so hyped up, and excited, because of course, who wouldn’t? Hoseok has been teasing us for years, leaving some leaks and hint of Hixtape every now and then. It also doesn’t help that he would consistently tell us that the mixtape is dropping soon, and that we should look forward to it, giving us the impression that it is really dropping that soon, which is not the case every time. Whenever he mentions mixtape, everyone at twitter would be like, “Hixtape is dropping soon. I can feel it,” or “I really feel that Big Hit will drop it on his birthday. Just imagine.” But, every time, we end up disappointed, however, that does not stop us for being hopeful and hyping Hoseok, because I love him so muuuuch ehem the fandom love him very much and he’s  the perfectionist Hoseok, and so our expectations are so high. We also want him to get the attention that he deserves for his endless talents (he isn’t called Goldeb Hyung for nothing) and all his hard work, and efforts that he gives, for himself and for their fans. We are also anticipating for the completion of the mixtapes of the rapline, a.k.a “The Holy Trinity” so the hype was so crazy.

And so minutes before it dropped, our Hobi stan group chat was exploding with Hoseok’s pictures, hashtag updates, and countdowns. My hands were cold and shaking at that time. I was very excited and although I already knew that it is really dropping, I still feel so unprepared, in a sense. I don’t know how will I be able to handle it. And then there’s the streaming requirements for every platform there is, and I don’t know where should I be focusing. But more than that, I was worried about what will I feel. And just like that, amidst all the anxiety that I feel, it finally dropped. j-hope’s Daydream MV is out. j-hope’s Hope World mixtape is out.

‘Daydream’ Experience: Aesthetics and More Fan Theories


I first watched the MV and I remembered myself placing my right hand on my mouth, because I was that awestruck. J-hope is so amazing. He’s so 멋있는데, just as like what Jin and Jimin said in their hype tweets for J-hope. And the music video and the track is just like his personality. Everything about Daydream is perfect.

My first watch of the MV was just casual. I was just enjoying the fun vibes of the music, the dreamlike aesthetic, and most importantly, my favorite person and visual in BTS, Jung Hoseok. He looked extra fine in the MV, as usual. At that first watch, I was just allowing myself to enjoy and feel everything. I was silently crying, and I never did that before for a music video, or any idol, or celebrity. I never cry because I never felt any personal or emotional connection with them. Also, in the past, I look at the artists’s craft more and the messages that they convey more than the artists themselves. But here, when it comes to Hoseok, I was even surprised myself that I’m actually crying. Crying, watching an artist. Crying, for someone who doesn’t even know that I exist. That’s how whipped I’ve become for him. I’ve even written a two-page letter for him for his birthday. I never thought that I would ever do that to anyone who doesn’t even know me. I thought I was going crazy.

In the second and succeeding watches, that’s where I started to pay attention to the little details of the MV. I started to connect and find similarities between Serendipity and this MV (stars, universe, etc.), I started noticing his outfit and hair style changes, the excellent transitions, etc. I also wondered who Arthur was. I later found out that it is actually a reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams in which Arthur Philip Dent is the protagonist. You can read more about it here, if you’re interested:

“Say Hello To My Hope World”

Hop World COVER

All of the 7 tracks in the mixtape are all bops, and each one of the tracks present a different feel. And, if you really know Hoseok, you’d know that each one the tracks are very much like him, and they uncover different layers of Hoseok’s personality. RM was so right when he said that he could really see that J-hope finally his own voice in rapping, when he first heard the mixtape. I remember J-hope saying in a Bangtan log that he’s worried about his rapping, because he thinks that he’s rapping is not improving much, and so, he wanted to grow out of it, and aimed to grow and find his own voice, with the help of his hyung and friends particularly RM and Suga, who were underground rappers and started rapping at a young age, different from J-hope who focused more in undergrouns street dancing and only tried out rap when he joined Big Hit. I’m really glad that he finally found his voice. Also, he mentioned that he was worried about what messages he should convey because according to him, his lyrics are not that deep and philosophical as RM and Suga’s. He even said that because of this, he started reading books, watch movies, and listen to music, everything that would make him feel inspired in creating music, in order to convey his messages clearly. And after hearing the mixtape, I believe that he actually did that. He expressed some of his personal concerns in his tracks, and he did that by just being honest and confindent. There are also lots of literature references in his tracks, and I’ve yet to discover more, since I haven’t read all the translated versions of his tracks.

I loved all the songs! There is legit no bad tracks, in my opinion, anyway, because I love Hip-hop, and I love J-hope’s certain music flavor. He has a unique flow in rapping that I love and this is emphasized many times in many of his parts in BTS songs such as the Cypher series, Rain, Save Me, etc. He knows how to ride smoothly along with the rhythm, which might be the influence of his street-dancing roots. His music, is kind of Kendrick Lamar-ish/Cardi B-ish or perhaps even Lil Pump-ish, but anyway, it’s just J-hope, and as he always say, “Hope style.” He has a unique voice. Although I really loved all the tracks, my personal favorites are Base Line, Hope World and Daydream (I can’t help remembering the MV when I listen to this). Base Line reminds me of the powerful Mic Drop, 2학년, and Cypher pt. 2 which are some of my favorite BTS songs. And Hope World is just energetic and fun, and I usually fall for these kinds of songs. It lifts my mood so much. Hangsang is also so dope! Supreme Boi also has such a very nice voice quality, and he paired very effectively with J-hope. Their tones mix so nicely. I look forward to more Supreme Boi tracks because he’s really so good. I love his rapping voice so much. For Airplane, P. O. P pt. 1, and Blue Side (Outro),  I will be making an analysis for these songs in a separate blog post once I’ve read and understood the lyrics. From what I’ve heard, these are personal songs, so I’m excited to analyze them all.

I hope that you loved Daydream MV and Hope World as much as we, ARMYs did. If you do, let’s continue streaming, and let’s hype our sunshine Hobi, together. Thank you very much for reading!

Photo credits: BigHit Entertainment,


The 14th of February has already passed, but the breath of love is still wafting among the besotted and infatuated, the languishing, and yearning, the detached and unbothered. Want to lay stress on those feelings a bit more? Here are 10 OPM gems for you to listen in the remaining days of Cupid’s Month.

(If you want to listen to the songs while reading, here is the playlist.)

1. “BALEWALA” – BRISOM (2017)

This is the truest gem of them all. I was just randomly scrolling through YouTube when I stumbled upon this in the recommends after watching Peryodiko’s Tayo Lang Ang May Alam for the nth time. I never got tired of that song! And to end my fixation, I searched endlessly for many songs, until I found the music video for this one! I first noticed the flawless aesthetic of the music video, and when the first notes dropped, I knew that I was going to be in love. It has a distinctive 80s vibes (gated reverbs, synths, etc.) and I loved it so much, being an avid listener of 80s songs and music that exude this kind of vibe. Brian Brisom’s vocals yolked so much feeling to the song. It also helped that the music video has an interesting story line that also reminded me of the MV for Tayo Lang Ang May Alam. I highly recommend this one, as it will surely give listeners the verve and grit that they need. Why? Because this is a song for people who are afraid of breaking hearts (theirs or someone else’s) if they confess. Aren’t we all afraid?

2. “KATHANG ISIP” – BEN&BEN (2017)

When I first heard this song, I honestly thought that it was an Ebe Dancel track, because it sounded like one, and the vocalist reminded me of Ebe’s voice, so I went and checked it on YouTube, and although it wasn’t Ebe or Sugarfree, I found myself stucked and helpless. I watched the lyric video, and everything was beautiful. The painful lyrics, the heavenly vocals of Paolo and Miguel Cuico, the overall sadness of the music – – – everything. I scrolled through the comment section of the lyric video and found these comments:

“We’re so good at creating our own imaginary worlds – – – imagining things were like this and like that, and when we face reality, it’s clearly the exact opposite. It hurts, because it’s the truth.” –

“All we do is hurt each other, and call it love.”

3. “INDAK” – UP DHARMA DOWN (2012)

My favorite song. One of UDD’s classic. I’ve attached so much memories to this song, although those memories were no way related to the lyrics for the reason that I’m romantically naive and inexperienced. But, I sing/hum this song everywhere. In karaoke sessions, bathrooms, hangouts, etc. I sing it in whenever I got the chance. Maybe it’s because it just fits my voice quality nicely. Also, it has a unique beat, and instrumentals that’s why this is one of the songs that I just can’t stop listening to. The lyrics, and the way it was written is also quite uncommon, but I digged the uniqueness. I’m one of the lucky ones that had a chance to experience Indak live, and for free, in a silent movie film festival at Shangri-La. It was so nice seeing Armi Millare and the band up close, because I witnessed how agile their hands and fingers were in playing their instruments. And Armi’s voice is so lovely. I wished I could stay there and listen to Indak forever.


I immediately liked this one, because it’s Autotelic, and this band’s music never failed to make me happy (or break my heart) ever since I first heard Laro. I’m so lucky to hear them live, performing their new and popular songs along with thousands of fans at the 2018 UP Fair: Roots. Honestly, all of their songs are 100% recommends. Their songs have this nostalgic feel in them, but I can’t exactly pinpoint why. They remind many people of childhood and home.

This song is about loving someone too much, that you’re willing to swim across seas just to be with that person:

“Lamunin man ng alon handa ako

La-la-la-languyin, la-la-la-languyin

Tangayin man ng hangin

Maligaw handa akong

La-la-la-lakbayin, la-la-la-lakbayin”

If you want to check more of their songs (which will be one of the best decisions of your life), here’s their YouTube channel: Autotelic


The song title caught me first, but the music made me stay, being a sad alternative rock song-phile. The verses are also appealingly poetic. I have two interpretations about this song. It’s either about a) a concealed love of a person for someone, that’s just floating around in the air, like a paper plane or b) a forbidden love between two people. They are similar in a way that in these two cases, both are about someone waiting for a chance, to express their love, freely, just as how free a paper plane seems to be. However, free as it is, a paper plane is still fragile and vulnerable, like the love that they have. Aside from the verse I featured, I also like these, in particular:

Damdamin mo’y aahon sa tumigil na tadhana
Aabutin ng ‘yong palad ang hangarin
Makarating pa kaya sa kanyang piling?
Ika’y pumikit


6. “MUNDO” – IV OF SPADES (2018)

I keep reading and hearing about IV of Spades everywhere – – – in classrooms, twitter, IG stories, etc., and so when I stumbled upon Mundo, I removed all the distractions, and carefully listened to it, to see (or hear) what’s the hype all about. And I’m so thankful that I did that. Unique’s vocals, the bass, and the lead guitar is so gooooood. Their lead guitar is quite Hendrix-ish, and one of my favorite parts of the song is on 3:19 (this is where the guitar solo come in). Check out Ilaw sa Daan also, which is my personal favorite from them so far, because of the guitar riffs and how it reminds me so much of The 1975. Another song that you should really be listening to is Hey Barbara. The bass rocks hard in this one. Or, just simply check all their songs, because they have such a unique sound.

Here’s their YouTube channel: IV OF SPADES


A fun and sassy song! This song reminds me of sooooo many people, but aren’t we all feelingeros at some point? I love Isabelle’s vocals and her songs are so much fun. If you love this song, I also recommend:

1) 1 Week To Move On 2) Para Sa ‘Yo 3) Friendzone


This song reminds me so much of my crush since I was 16 years old, although the lyrics is in no way related to my relationship with him, because we never really dated, but… I still remember him so much now, and I guess I still like him a lot, and this song just reminds me how hopeless I still am with him, although I haven’t seen him for years. However, some of the lyrics of the song speak of how I feel about him, particularly this:

Ayoko na munang lapitan ka.

Ayoko na munang makausap ka.

I remember that I pretty much tried to avoid him whenever we meet back then, but I can’t because he’s been very friendly and he really tried to be close to me. I tried avoided him because I remember that what he made me feel back then was something new. And it was both sweet and uncomfortable.

I was a little suprised when I found out that this track is actually quite old – – – 13 years old, as of writing. It is an old gem, then. I’m pretty sure that you’ve already heard this song from here and there, but if you haven’t, listen to it. The bass riffs are so golden it reaches my heart every time. Please do listen to it now. Just a warning though: Be prepared to break your heart.


If there’s any song that I want to be playing in my wedding day, it would be this, or Noel Cabangon’s Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko. It reminds of how magical love is. Mr. Danao’s only has his acoustic guitar, vocals, and lyrics, but the song is so beautiful. Everything about this song is so pure, and sincere, and I love the simplicity of it. Listen to Dapithapon also. It is equally as beautiful.

Here’s his YouTube channel: johnoy danao


This song should be the poster song of the mad and in love. I have never been truly in love yet, but this song always never fail to make me feel like I am in love with someone. Sweet and innocent – – – truly the anthem of the Cupid’s month.

Check out this cover by Keiko Necesario and Luis Cortez. It’s equally as sweet.

There you have it! I have a lot of songs that I wanted to add, but these are at the top of my head. If you have any songs in mind that you strongly associate with February or love, in particular, comment it down below.

Recommends: If you like this songs, please check out the YouTube channel of Wish 107.5. Almost all artists listed here performed their songs in the Wish Bus. Check it out, and watch other artists perform as well.

I hope you liked this playlist. Thank you so much for reading! – Angel 🥀

5 Beloved BIGBANG (빅뱅) Songs

If anyone would ask me why I am learning Hangul, it is because of this wonderful band that I love so much — BIGBANG. I want to understand their songs, and sing along with them whenever their music plays. I’m not much of a fan yet when they came here in the Philippines, although I already knew some of their songs (Last Dance, Lies, Haru Haru, Fantastic Baby, etc.). Years after they came here, I inadvertenly plunged my way deep into the VIP fandom, discovered a lot of beautiful BIGBANG music, and then, slowly, I became a VIP myself.

It’s not very hard to love them. The members (G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, T.O.P., Seungri) are actually complex and interesting personalities. I discovered this in variety shows, interviews, TV Shows, and radio shows where they appeared. They always give deep insights on things. They knew when to get serious and when to mess around. Also, they are all very hard-working and professional. They put so much effort, efficiency and passion into their work (composing, dancing, singing).

But, what I admire the most about their group is their strong brotherhood that I really, really envy.

There’s still so much to say about them, but I’m not writing those here, because I’d like to invite you to this fandom, and discover it yourself, slowly, just as how I experienced it. Slow is the best, trust me. It’s not enough to read about how awesome they are or how good their music is. Watch them, listen to their music, and you’ll know. 💕

I’d like to share you 5 of the most beloved BIGBANG songs by VIPs (based on what I’ve read on forums, polls, etc.), in no particular order.

(Here’s the playlist of the songs used in this post, just in case you want to listen while reading.)

1. Let’s Not Fall in Love (우리 사랑하지 말아요)


Notable lyrics:

◀ 우리 사랑하지 말아요 아직은 잘 모르잖아요
사실 조금은 두려운 거야
그대 미안해요
우리 약속하지 말아요 내일은 또 모르잖아요
하지만 이 말 만은 진심이야
그대 좋아해요

English translation:

Let’s not fall in love, we don’t know each other very well yet
Actually, I’m a little scared,
I’m sorry
Let’s not make promises, you never know when tomorrow comes
But I really mean it when I say
I like you

◀ 날 가지려 하지 말아요
그저 이대로 조금만 있어요
갈수록 더 마음 아파지게 왜?

English translation:

Don’t try to have me
Let’s just stay like this
You’re making it more painful, why?

2. If You


Notable lyrics:

◀멀어지는 그 뒷모습만을 바라보다
작은 점이 되어 사라진다
시간이 지나면 또 무뎌질까
옛 생각이 나 니 생각이 나

아직 너무 늦지 않았다면
우리 다시 돌아갈 수는 없을까
너도 나와 같이 힘들다면
우리 조금 쉽게 갈 수는 없을까
있을 때 잘할 걸 그랬어

English translation:

I’m looking at her, getting farther away
She becomes a small dot and then disappears
Will this go away after time passes?
I remember the old times. I remember you

If you, If you
If it’s not too late
Can’t we get back together?
If you,  If you
If you’re struggling like I am,

Can’t we make things a little easier?
I should’ve treated you better when I had you

3. Bang Bang Bang (뱅 뱅 뱅)


Notable lyrics:

◀난 불을 질러 네 심장을 태워
널 미치게 하고 싶어
B.I.G Yea we bang like this 모두 다 같이

총 맞은 것처럼

빵야 빵야 빵야
빵야 빵야 빵야

English translation:

I’ll set this place on fire, to burn up your heart
I wanna make you go crazy
B.I.G Yea we bang like this, everyone together

Like you’ve been shot

Bang bang bang
Bang bang bang

4. Last Dance


Notable lyrics: (I can honestly quote the whole song. It’s just so beautiful.)

◀영원할 줄 알았던 사랑도 저물고

이젠 그 흔한 친구마저 떠나가네요
나이가 들어서 나
어른이 되나 봐요
왜 이렇게 불안할까

사람들은 오늘도 과거에 머물고
세상은 나 없이도 잘 돌아가네요
아직은 어려서 나
철이 안 드나 봐요
왜 이렇게 바보 같을까

아무것도 없이
그저 행복해하던 때가
엊그제 같은데
그래 너무 멀리 와버렸어 난
기억이 안 나
모든 게 처음이라
서툴고 설레이기만 해
그 시절 기억들이
아직도 꿈만 같은데 난
지금 어디로 가는지

나는 이 노랠 부르며
너에게 돌아갈 거야
아름다웠던 그댈
다시 볼 수 있다면
너와 이 노랠 들으며
마지막 춤을 출 거야
이 순간을 기억해 언제까지라도
Just one last dance

English translation:

Love that I thought would last forever has set

Now even my friends are leaving
Beacuse I’m getting older
I guess I’m becoming an adult
Why am I so anxious?

People linger in the past again today
The world goes around just fine even without me
I’m still young
I’m still immature
Why am I such a fool?

Times that I was so happy
Even without anything
It seems like yesterday
But I came too far
I don’t remember it anymore
Because everything was for the first time
I was clumsy and filled with butterflies
Memories of those times
Are still like a dream
But where am I going right now

As I sing this song
I will go back to you
If only I could see the beautiful you again
I will listen to this song with you
And have a last dance
Remember this moment
Until always
Just one last dance

5. Haru Haru (하루하루)


Notable lyrics:

◀돌아보지 말고 떠나가라 또 나를 찾지말고 살아가라
너를 사랑했기에 후회 없기에 좋았던 기억만 가져가라
그럭저럭 참아 볼만 해 그럭저럭 견뎌 낼만 해
넌 그럴수록 행복해야 돼 하루하루 무뎌져 가네

English Translation:

Don’t look back and leave
Don’t find me again and just live on
Because I have no regrets from loving you, so only take the good memories
I can bear it in some way
I can stand it in some way
You should be happy if you are like this
Day by day it fades away


Here are another 4 songs from their sub-units/ solos that you should also check out:

1. Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang ( 태양)

2. Good Boy – 태양 x G.D

3. That XX – G- 드래곤

4. Darling – 태양